O’Brien Technology Solutions LLC maker of Farm Weigh Software

Farm Weigh software has been meticulously crafted to enhance the efficiency and precision of your operations. Our software empowers you with the following capabilities:

  • Export data directly to Excel, organized by farm, field, and shares.
  • Instantly determine wet bushels and their conversion to dry measurements after each weighment.
  • Tailor your tickets to display the specific data you need.
  • Choose between automatic or manual ticket printing.

The interactive scaling module connects to your scale to meet your daily weighing requirements. It aids in capturing weights and related details for each load during truck weigh-ins and weigh-outs. This data will be conveniently accessible in your client view, enabling hands-free recording. The module is optimized for touch screen monitors, simplifying the weighing process.

The client view serves as the core hub in the software application, delivering the necessary intelligence. It enables you to supervise all recorded weights and structure the data based on your individual farm’s particular needs. Whether it’s calculating wet and dry bushels or determining yields per field, this module simplifies access to any data essential for comprehensive operational analysis.

The moisture module seamlessly connects with your moisture meter, enabling you to associate sample data with the relevant load. This direct linkage eliminates the potential errors that may arise from manual data entry.